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Sky247 request its user to first read the privacy policy before accepting anything or creating their betting/gaming account. The privacy policy of the Sky247 admin is an integral component of the Terms and Conditions. Through reading these policies, the user will get information on how we work. Also, through these policies, we will explain how we process your information once you have access to our website or agree to our terms and conditions.

Also, through the privacy policies, users might have a clear idea of how the information is collected through your use of the website. We would like to inform you that the users have the full right to complain regarding any violation of data protection or in case of their privacy breach. However, we request the user to connect with our and provide full assurance that any kind of information the user provides to us is safe and secure and they are not at any kind of risk.

The Sky247 admin is not for children, minors, or anyone under the age of 18 years.

Different information collected by the Sky247 Admin

The information collected by the Sky247 Admin is not limited to the general details you have submitted while creating a profile. Details collected by us can extend to other anonymous data from your side when you visit our website. The data is generated based on your daily activities like your preference or your major choice of games. All this information is collected on account of providing you with a great experience during your visit to Sky247 Admin. Data that we collected/generated of yours can be both personal and non-personal that can be easily categorized into two categories:

Technical Information: This generally comprises your browsing-related data or other technical details. These include internet protocol, which browser you are using, and what plug-ins you have enabled. Also, your browser location and time zone, and the operating system of your computer. Basically, all the components and technology you have used while you are having access to Sky247 admin.

Usage Information: The usage information covers data based on your activity on Sky247. It generally includes your behavior activity and how you use the various products available on our website.

How do We Collect Information Apart from Personal Profile Details?

The Sky247 admin has various sources and technologies through which we collect all the data. The data collected is purely based on your interaction with us, and while collecting your information, we do not violate your privacy and get access to your more personal information, which might put you at any kind of risk. To get a clear picture that we do not have any violation, we are listing here various means of how we collect your information:

Data based on user interaction with Sky247 Admin 
Whenever a user visits our website or interacts with us in any way, we automatically collect all the insights like, from where you are accessing our website and what browser you are using, and your different browsing actions and patterns. This non-personal technical information is also collected through cookies and other means. Refer to our cookies policy below.

Third-Party Sources
Other means to collect non-personal technical information are through various analytics sources and applications. Through which various insights can be created, like behavior patterns and many other things.

Collection of the Personal Information
By personal information, we refer to the general details that are listed in your profile, like name, date of birth, address, and many others, which the user has submitted to us voluntarily while creating their betting/gaming account or just agreeing to our terms and conditions.

Usage of the Personal Information given by the user to the Sky247 Admin

The data collected from the user is for their benefit only. We at Sky247 assure the users that there will not be any wrong utilization of their information. How the data collected from you is used by the Sky247 admin has been listed below:
• The non-personal information like user browser, various plug-ins installed in it and location. All this information is required by Sky247 to maintain its own safety and security and detects various threats to the website.
• The technical information is beneficial in order to enhance the functionality of the users.
• While identifying any problems with the website’s technicality, we might access your non-personal information.
• The Sky247 admin uses your personal information as per the law limits and under the following situations:
• In case we need to apply any legal or regulatory obligations
• In order to troubleshoot our services.
• To interact and communicate with users when they are having any issues or queries while accessing our website.
• Whenever it is necessary for the Sky247 Admin for the legitimate interest of the user and the website’s own interest.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are just small flies that we will store in your browser in order to improve your experiences when you visit us again. Sky247 Admin uses cookies and other means of web analytics with the intention to provide its users an amazing experience. Also, based on your how-to access our website, we have a chance to improve our site functionality. By agreeing to our terms and conditions and cookies policy, you will be allowing all the cookies as per our cookies policy.

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