Responsible Gaming is Smart Gaming

The mission of Sky247 Admin is to provide its users with fun and smart gaming opportunities. We do not promote gaming addiction, betting with stress or lust for victory. To make sure smooth functioning of our services, we have developed some rules and regulations that clearly state the do’s and don’t’s of sky 24/7 betting.

We take our sky247 admin rules very seriously, and therefore request our users to abide by our policies. So, before you begin betting with real money, we would recommend you to go through our rules thoroughly, so that you can bet hassle-free and enjoy the process.

Your Safety is in Your own Hands

Sky247 Admin makes sure to provide complete transparency and promotes self-responsibility for all its users. The choice of betting, choice of how much amount to bet, what to bet on, and various other decisions are solely in the user’s hands. We believe that responsible gaming is a self-control measure, and we want our users to completely abide by it.

Self-Exclusion Policy

We deeply care about our users, and want them to always bet responsibly. At any point, if the user feels they may be slipping off the wagon, they can always use our Self-exclusion policy. We provide our users with the choice to stop playing at any given point. You can simply contact us via email and tell us that you would like to make use of Self Exclusion Policy, and we will ask you for some basic details like your username, email, copy of the document used for KYC and mobile number, along with the reason for closing the account or exclusion.

Sky247 Admin will initiate the process of your request, and confirm you when the process has been completed. It usually takes a day or two to mark the user’s account after the self exclusion request.

No activity will be considered after the Self Exclusion process has been completed. User’s subscription will be cancelled immediately, and all further winnings and participation in gaming would be revoked.

If the user makes a positive request to begin gambling again after the end of their self-exclusion period is over, they would be given 24 hours to cool-off before they are allowed to start gaming again. Marketing material will not be sent to the user until and unless they have asked for it and accepted the terms following their self-exclusion request.

User Responsibilities

If a user chooses to self-exclude, we will make sure their request is processed instantly. The user must provide all the necessary details for the success of self-exclusion process. Upon sharing the required details and documents, its our responsibility make sure you’re not able to access our services anymore. However, if the user continues to access our services by sharing their misleading, incorrect or incomplete information, sky247 admin shall not be held responsible for consequences in terms of losses or frauds.

In addition, the user must accept and agree to the parallel undertaking that they won’t try to circumvent the self-exclusion process.

Take a Break

Self-exclusion is not the only way out. Users can simply opt for a ‘Time-Out’ by emailing us. Make sure you provide your username, email, mobile number and documents that you used for KYC. Suspending your account or ‘Time-Out’ can be for a duration of any time between 24 hours to 6 weeks.

Staff Training

Keeping all your information confidential is done through training the staff in their induction and annually. Sky247 Admin uses player tracking systems to check if by chance any self-excluded member is still gaming on our site. In such cases, clients are informed by our team the various organizations that we have ties with, to get them the help that they need.

To make sure they don’t fall off the wagon again, blocking notifications, uninstalling apps and making sure no gambling related links are sent to them, our team has been trained to advise the users. With the help of some softwares, users can block their access to gambling sites until they are fit to resume gambling again.

Player Personal Security

Our players’ security is our sole responsibility. We make sure we use top-notch services and process your personal information including your financial details safe and secured. With Sky247 Admin, you don’t have to worry about breaching of privacy or wire frauds.

Measures Taken

We understand the impact that gambling can have on individuals if control is lost, therefore we have taken few measures to ensure platform’s safety and help individuals to stay in control.

  • If the user turns out to be a minor, the account would be blocked.
  • Before starting the game, limit the financial limits.
  • We provide users with the choice to take time off in terms of ‘Time-Out’ or ‘Self Exclusion’ whenever they find their gambling getting out of hands.
  • Psychological help in terms of gambling addiction is provided by multiple organisations we have tie ups with.

Once you have read all the terms and conditions, Sky247 Admin would not be responsible for any losses incurred by the user when gambling.

Responsible Attitude

Signs and symptoms should never be ignored, be it psychological or physical. Apart from the binding sky247 rules, we would also like to share some signs that may give you a better understanding about your gambling habit, and if its time to seek professional help or not. Read the following questions and assess your gambling activity accordingly:

  • Do you feel unhappy when you don’t play the game?
  • Do you have betting/gambling debts?
  • You feel a need to win money the moment you lose a bet. You feel furious and a sense of despair.
  • To avoid your real life problems, you start gambling.
  • You have tried to stop gambling in the past but have failed to do so.
  • You skip work or school to place bets.
  • You have lost touch with your personal and social life, and betting has taken that place instead.
  • Feeling sad or having a low sense of self-esteem lately.
  • Gambling when sad or to get away with current life problems.

If you found yourself agreeing to any of the above statements or questions, we would request you to contact us or any mental health professional to seek help and cope in a healthy manner.
To avoid above-mentioned scenarios, we can recommend you some tips that would help you prevent the onset of gambling addiction and consequences. Have a look at the following:

  • Set goals. Make sure you’re playing for fun and not because you are in need for money.
  • Have a secured financial planning. Make sure you don’t put all your money into gambling.
  • If you are not sure about a certain action, don’t take it. Risk control is self-control, always remember that.
  • Never gamble when you’re under the influence of substances, like alcohol, marijuana, drugs or heavy medications that alter your cognitive abilities.
  • Don’t gamble when you’re sad, stressed or under pressure. Gambling should be a fun activity, and not a coping mechanism.

Contact us on our WhatsApp Number +91-8854028584 if you have any queries.

Responsible Gaming
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