Sky247 Admin Rules and Regulations

To ensure smooth functioning and hassle-free betting, we have written down some sky247 rules and regulations that every user must read before they start betting and investing. We hold the right to void bets and suspend accounts that are being put with the use of VPN logins and multiple different IPs. We highly recommend all Super. Sub or Master account holders to go through these rules thoroughly, and then only start betting. Below are some regulations you must keep in mind:

  • All the content that has been published on is the property of Sky Infotech Limited only, and is protected strictly by Intellectual Property Laws and International Copyrights.
  • Placing opposite bets on the same sport/event, one with a betting exchange and one with a bookmaker (Self Matching), or putting wrong odds on a dead market (Passing of Funds) is strictly prohibited in sky247 betting.
  • Any user indulging in above mentioned schemes must remember that sky247 exchange holds the right to void such bets with full discretion.
  • Even if the user’s account is in minus, any use of self-matching/punching bets placed on low-liquidity will be voided. The upline shall be responsible for it.
  • In the last 72 hours, if your Sky247admin account has been suspended or locked due to ‘Passing of Funds’, then Sky247Admin holds all the rights to void the bets that were placed by you, irrespective of when the bet was placed.
  • Sky247 Admin does not entertain any excuses or explanation for the above-mentioned cases. Any decision made by Sky247 Admin would be the final call.
  • If any ‘Sub’ account engages in Passing of funds or any kind of misuse of our services, the financial penalities will be have to paid by the ‘Master’ and ‘Super’ account holders.
  • The winnings of the user using two or more IDs with same IP address would be cancelled for both accounts.
  • Suspicious bets, including bets placed by a source at the stadium, or placing bets from the stadium would be voided by Sky247 Admin. No explanations would be entertained by Sky Exchange, and the decision taken by us would be our final decision.
  • Sky Exchange strictly prohibits activities like Court Siding (Ghaobaazi), Passing of Funds (Matching), Sharpening, or Commission Making. In the event that a Sky Exchange User is caught doing any of these activities, Sky247 Admin reserves the right to seize and confiscate all their funds. Once the decision is made, no explanations would be entertained for the same issue.
  • Sky Exchange restricts Fluke Hunting/Seeking in. In such cases, all the Fluke bets would be reversed.
  • The site would not be responsible for delayed or flawed cricket commentary as this feature is fairly new to our website.
  • No user is allowed to create multiple accounts on this website or any website associated with ours. If found, we hold all rights to void the bets that exceed limits with the help of multiple accounts.
  • Scalping and Jobbing Trades are absolutely prohibited in meta. The firm reserves all the rights to make all profitable jobbing trades void.
  • The trades including cheating or manipulation would be deleted at any given moment.
  • If you have an existing holding, then only fresh stop and fresh limit would be allowed.
  • When reached a 20% margin level, the position shall be stopped.
  • Parking is prohibited.
  • Only standing is not allowed, users must trade in order to use the services.

Various Sports Rules for Sky247 Admin 

Zero Commission Cricket & Exchange Cricket

  • For cases where the match is shortened due to weather, or limited over matches, all the bets will be settled as per the official result.

Test Matches

  • In case the match gets cancelled due to protests/violence, unplayable field, vandalism, acts of terrorism, or basically anything except for weather, then Sky247 Admin has the right to cancel all bets placed on the said match.
  • If the match exceeds five days after the given completion date, the bets on the market would get invalid automatically.

Limited Over Matches

  • If the match is announced ‘No Result’, bets will considered invalid on all markets. If a new toss is set to take place for an already scheduled play, all bets made after 30minutes will be invalid.
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