General Directives of the Sky247 Admin

The general terms and conditions of Sky247 Admin are applicable to those visiting, accessing, or using any part of the website (creating an account, reading blogs, accessing source code or the Website APIs). Users with any kind of activity linking them to Sky247 Admin in any way are bound by the following:

• General Terms and Conditions
• Privacy Policy
• Cookies Policy

Rules for Playing Online Games or Placing online Bets

Users are advised to read the terms and conditions carefully, which, if they do not accept, then are applicable to use any of the site’s possessions, from online betting to accessing website source code. The terms and conditions are also applicable for the players who are using Sky247 Admin from various other platforms like mobile applications or any other device. Following are the general terms and conditions of Sky247 Admin:

• Players should be 18 years of age or older in order to create an account on Sky247. For these accounts, if anywhere you or Your is mentioned on the website, then it is referred to them.
• The services offered by Sky247 are about placing bets, and playing online games, winning or losing. Players should be aware of the fact there is a risk factor of losing money.
• It should be in the awareness of the user that accessing the website is in compliance with the laws applicable in the jurisdiction of your area. Hence users first need to confirm whether online gambling is legal or not in their area. Only after the confirmation of this thing should they proceed to create their account in Sky247.
• Terms and Conditions mentioned here can be changed anytime. Also, any kind of update in rules and regulations will be published on the website. Hence, it is advised to the user to check the terms and conditions regularly.
• Sky247 supports responsible gambling and use various kinds of measure to create awareness of fair and responsible gambling practices. However, we do not hold any responsibility for the case of gambling addiction or any users.

Terms and conditions for creating an Account on Sky247 Admin

• The first and foremost rule for creating is that you should be over 18 years of age.
• The player, while creating any account, should be under the legal capacity of placing bets.
• Another major condition is that players should not be restricted under any kind of legal capacity, i.e., there should not be any kind of legal charges on the player.
• One player can open only a single account.
• Players need to provide all kinds of information asked of them while creating an account, without which they cannot proceed to create one. The requirement of information is necessary in order to authenticate the user’s identity.
• We hereby assure you that we won’t ask for any kind of personnel that can be used as a liability against you in the future.
• After accepting the Terms and Conditions and creating an account, we are entitled to run a verification check and also hold the right to remove/delete your account if any discrepancy is found against you.
• As a part of verification, you need to complete the KYC of your account, which in turn requires some government-issued documents only.
• All the information provided by the user in their account must be up to date.

Terms and Conditions are to be followed after the Sky 247 Admin account has been opened

• Individuals are playing only and only on their behalf and not on behalf of some other person.
• Sky247 provides online playing and betting exchange for the purpose of entertainment only.
• Money transferred to the Sky247 account for betting purposes by any means should not be of any illegal origin. Any kind of linkage to any kind of illegal activity will lead to the permanent seizure of their account, and they will be banned from using Sky247 Admin for life.
• Sky247 Admin is intended to provide fair betting experiences to the user. This can only be possible if the players follow the same.
• Details provided for making any kind of transaction on Sky247 Admin should be of the user only. It is strictly mandated that the user should not provide any other account details for transferring money in their account.
• In case any kind of illegal or unauthorized activity has been observed by the user, they need to report it immediately through any of the contact means available on the website.
• It is advisable to the user not to share their credentials with any other person as it might compromise their account privacy and their information.

General Rules for making Deposits in the Sky247 Admin Account

Players need to follow the given mandate while making deposits in their accounts:
• In order to place bets at Sky247, players need to deposit real money in their betting account. Possible means through which you can add to your account include debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, and online bank transfers. The option for deposit is available on the website homepage.
• KYC is a must, without which funds transfer would not be possible in your Sky247 account. Also, without KYC, we have the right to close your account.
• Any Payment transfer made from any account or credit card must belong to the user only.

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